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Keyless Entry Access Control Systems | Valley Tel Service

VTS is a leading expert in designing, installing, and maintaining keyless entry access control systems from the industry’s best manufacturers.

Keyless Entry Access Control Systems for Oregon Businesses

Access control systems provide you and your business with a powerful layer of security. By using keyless entry for your office, warehouse, manufacturing plant or agricultural sites you can restrict access to sensitive areas. This can significantly reduce loss of inventory, proprietary information, and valuables. VTS is a leading expert in the design, installation, and maintenance of access control systems from the industry’s best manufacturers.

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

A keyless entry access control system is a terrific line of defense against unauthorized entry into your business or specific areas in your office(s). But access control systems have been shown to provide many additional benefits to boost your bottom line. These benefits include the following:

  • Multi-site location control
  • Employee tracking and audit trail reports
  • Asset protection
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Enhanced safety for staff
  • Reduce the cost of rekeying

The Industry’s Leading Access Control Systems

VTS has partnered with the industry’s leading access control systems manufacturers, including Keyscan Access Control Systems, AXIS Communications, Verkada, and PDK.

Keyscan Access Control

We install and maintain various Keyscan products, including reader access control units, the CA150 Single Door PoE* Control Unit, and their wireless lock interface.

PDK ProdataKey Products

We install and service ProdataKey products for scalable security solutions and simple user management. From controllers and readers to 3rd party integrations, PDK offers excellent products for flexible and advanced access control systems.


We support Verkada’s cloud-based access control products. Businesses can use their products to remotely grant secure access, set door schedules, and record entrance activity.

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Control

With Ubiquiti you get UniFi Access, a state-of-the-art access control system for home and business applications. It supports conventional electric bolts/strikes, magnetic locks, and 12V (1 Amp) access accessories, such as motion sensors, push buttons, and alarms.

Keyless Entry Puts You in Charge of Your Company’s Safety

Whether you’re interested in key fob door locks, magnetic locks for commercial properties, or complex gate entries systems, we will work with you to select the best keyless entry system for your unique needs. To strengthen security for your NW business, call today or request a quote online. VTS has offices in Eugene, Portland, and Roseburg, Oregon

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